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Custom Jewelry & Design Services

We here at Pro Gems pride ourselves on the ability to be flexible. Over half of all our sales involve some sort of custom work whether it be a small modification or creating a jewelry piece from scratch. Unlike most others, we actually have an in-house jeweler who works with us in order to more efficiently serve the customer's needs. Creating a custom jewelry piece will be truly unique to you and will guarantee that nobody else will have anything like it. 

Why would you want to go custom?

  • If you've had an idea or design in mind that you've never actually seen implemented
  • If you have inherited an heirloom piece and want to use it to recreate something similar or completely different (we can melt old gold into the new jewelry piece and possibly reuse diamonds)
  • If you like small features on several difference pieces and want to combine the best all into one

The design process is actually very simple. 


Step 1: Submit design and Ideas

  • Any photos, drawings, videos or media related to the design that you want will help us more accurately create your jewelry piece.

Step 2: We create a wax sample

  • There are actually two ways in which we can create a wax sample: Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and by hand carving. They are both equally as effective but some more complex designs can only be created using CAD. 

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Step 3: You review the wax sample or CAD drawing

  • This is the time to make sure that the design is exactly how you want it. We will make as many revisions as necessary (without extra cost) to make sure that you're happy with what we've made.  

Step 4: Cast into metal or gold of your choice, set diamonds and polish

  • This is the final step where the wax sample is used to cast into a metal or gold of your choice. 
  • Any diamonds or gemstones intended to accompany the design will be mounted
  • You may choose the option of being able to watch the jeweler set the main center diamond or gemstone.